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Our Approach

We are a network of results.

Strategic knowledge and a culture of innovation are the basis of the accomplishments and solutions we have shared with over 600 clients among a broad field of industries. We approach each of our projects always trying to improve on what we have learned and crafting better implementation of our support system. This is how we create productivity that improves companies and transforms communities.

Our philosophy of constant innovation becomes knowledge, our knowledge becomes flawless execution.  

We are not just another service provider, we are strategic partners with our clients. We work passionately together so they can fulfill and surpass all their goals.  It is a blueprint rooted in a desire to be a great business ally. A path that leads to better operations and increased productivity. 

Clear strategies and flawless execution foster strong and long-lasting partnerships.

A Story Of Perseverance: The creation of PRODENSA

Just like any great story, it all starts with the seed of a powerful idea.

Our Mission

Passionately support the growth of the individual, team, stockholders and community, providing value added services that increase the productivity of our clients!

Our Vision

  1. Practical solutions
  2. Tangible short term results
  3. Develop trust

The Team

The minds that shape our vision and execute our solutions.


We believe in tangible achievements.

The people that maximize what can be achieved. This team –assembled through a thorough process and with a proven history of success– will be leading the groundwork for outstanding implementation of projects and day-to-day operations.


We believe in certainty and innovation.

Leaders on worldwide industry insights. Each of them an expert on its field and region and how to make the most of it on a worldwide scale. From macroeconomic trends to real understanding at the local level, we are proud to help you maximize your company’s returns through the power of knowledge.


We believe in guidance.

The visionaries of Prodensa, our founder and chairman of the board, are our connection to the community and the people that are the basis for successful client operations.  Acting as our moral guidance, they inspire us with their professional ethic to achieve not only great results, but to positively impact the personal growth and wellbeing of our employees.


The leaders that shape our new challenges.

Leaders on worldwide industry insights. Each of them an expert on its field and region and how to make the most of it on a worldwide scale. From macroeconomic trends to real understanding at the local level, we are proud to help you maximize your company’s returns through the power of knowledge.

Emilio Cadena


With degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Tec de Monterrey and a MBA from the University of Hartford, he has worked tirelessly since 1998 on promoting global investment in México. Emilio has been President of INDEX, Manufacturers for Export Council of Mexico for the 2014-2015 period. He is a current board member of Mexico’s Business Council (CCE), the American Chamber of Commerce Mexico and the Business Council Steering Committee For NAFTA renegotiation.

Emilio is a guiding mind of The Prodensa Way.

Alejandro Mendoza

President Prodensa Consulting Services

Our Managing Partner, who has directly overseen the operations of over 100 projects since his arrival to the company. Alejandro is a proven leader in manufacturing innovation.

He is the Treasurer of INDEX, Manufacturers for Export Council of Mexico and has practical experience in the startup and development of over 100 projects in México. He has worked as Principal Manager at Dielectric Mexico and has collaborated on Production Planning for Fiat, Ford, VW and Daimler Chrysler. He is an advisor on business strategy thanks to his two decades of experience in international business, leading the China trade advisory for Prodensa clients.

Rogelio Soto

VP Human Resources Services

With a dual role in the company, as both the VP of Human Resources and as Director of HR Services, Rogelio has a keen eye for talent and has been involved in the HR development of more than 90 manufacturing plants in Mexico.

With both a degree in Chemical Engineering from ITESM and a MSc in Environmental Engineering from UANL, in his 23 years of professional experience, he has overseen the productivity of over 20 industrial plants across México and has worked on the search of talent for BMW, Chrysler, Mazda and KIA. His understanding of the needs in HR is a guarantee.

Carlos Alvarado

VP & Strategic Advisor

Carlos Alvarado is a believer in a true global, open economy and a free interaction among companies and their countries of origin in order to capitalize their growth potential and contribution to economic development.

With over 25 years of experience, Carlos has led Prodensa’s growth strategy by identifying and understanding the needs of foreign companies and opportunities created by transformational market trends, more recently for Asian manufacturing relocation strategies and North America’s changes to international trade policies.

As Vice President and Strategic Advisor, Carlos takes his passion to support manufacturing clients during their growth to a new playing field, supporting their international strategy development. His advisory services aim to identify and plan growth opportunities and anticipate potential threats and minimize risks and liabilities in the process.

Marco Kuljacha

VP Startup & Shelter Solutions

Our VP Startup & Shelter Solutions is a fine example of how we develop in-house talent to become the leaders of our company. Marco is a foreign direct investment consultant who has worked with several state governments in Mexico. He is also a strategic advisor  on site selection and global manufacturing footprint.  

Since starting in our company as Project Manager in 2006, he has been in charge of executing start-up and operation’s strategies for our clients. He has a leadership role overseeing more than 350 Prodensa Professionals and is currently in charge of the compliance and strategy of over 65 manufacturing operations.