AMLO and business leaders announce a program for young people for 110,000 million pesos

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The virtual winner of the elections and the main businessmen of the country spoke about social infrastructure, support for young people and aspects of the energy reform.

CITY OF MEXICO (Expansion) –
The Mexican business sector and the virtual winner of the presidential election, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), agreed on Wednesday to create work areas altogether to detect development opportunities in the south of the country, as well as alternatives for young people, among which highlights the figure of apprentice.

At a joint press conference, AMLO detailed a program that will be called ‘ Young People Building the Future and aims to guarantee the right of education and employment for young people.

“They are going to be hired as apprentices so that they have jobs, entrepreneurs will act as tutors, the government will transfer state resources to the companies to pay the salaries of these young people, and will serve 2.6 million young people. ” , he explained.

This is going to be the first agreement that we are going to sign publicly with the Business Coordinating Council and it will require an investment of 110,000 million pesos,” added López Obrador.

López Obrador said to the businessmen that he will keep the trust. “We are going to transform Mexico through the path of concord. Nothing will be imposed (…) Even when our movement has a majority: it will have more representation in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Chamber of Senators, it will not act in a prepotent manner, it will not impose anything “, he maintained.

Juan Pablo Castañón, president of the Business Coordinating Council (CEE), highlighted the first agreements established this Wednesday with Lopez Obrador.

The commitment of the CCE, he explained, is to prepare the spaces so that an instructor of the company can give training to young people as apprentices. Young people will also study at a public university, and upon completing their training they can continue at the company where they were apprentices, or leave with a certificate of labor competencies.

“We will do the whole organization in coordination with Mr. Alfonso Romo. We will do the work of transition and specifically by programs and sectors, in this case with the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Economy, “said the leader of the CCE.

In this program, it is planned to place an instructor on the part of the company so that it can guide young people in the work world, in addition to coordinating with public institutions.

“This is very exciting for us because it is an idea of ??Mr. Andrés Manuel, to give depth and dimension to the dual training program that we have been developing in all these last years”, added Castañón

The meeting between AMLO and the businessmen was held behind closed doors this day at the Camino Real hotel in the Polanco neighborhood, in Mexico City.

Source: Expansion MX

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