Case study: No barriers in a digital world

The Client:

No barriers in a digital world

The Challenge:
Our client had a very clear target- start its manufacturing operation in Mexico by the third quarter of 2020. Then the pandemic hit. Would it be possible to scout and assess the right manufacturing location seamlessly without ever setting a foot in Mexico? That’s when we got the call.
Our Solution:
Guided with the clear vision and the perfect understanding of this premise by our executive director Xu Yu, our in-house expert on the Asian region, we developed a virtual scouting tour. The inability to travel to Mexico became non-existent, once our team led our clients on several virtual meetings of possible Industrial Real Estate locations and their surrounding areas. Thanks to this streamlined communication and all the local knowledge on the best industrial locations, the client signed a long-term lease for the site of their future plant in just three months. Their visit to Mexico had to wait, but their manufacturing timeline did not. There are no frontiers where there is knowledge, dedication and innovation in decision-making.

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Spreading a better perception

Posts through social media incorrectly claiming the spread of COVID-19 among its employees at their manufacturing plant in Monterrey, Mexico were being shared constantly. It was a bad publicity maelstrom. 

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