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USMCA HOUSTON SUMMIT: Planning to invest in manufacturing operations in the USA and Mexico?

Planning to invest in manufacturing operations in the USA and Mexico?

Houston, Texas- The organizers Prodensa Group, Ernst & Young and Nguyen & Chen International law firm hold joint to present the USMCA Houston Summit and business banquet on December 10th at Hotel Sorella City Centre, followed by a professional workshop on December 11th and business trip to Mexico for Chinese Entrepreneurs on December 12th-14th.

Carlos Alvarado-Senior Partner GRUPO PRODENSA

The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) made substantial changes in the tariff threshold, content of origin and supply localization which promotes many Chinese companies to accelerate their plans to establish a manufacturing footprint in North America. Texas ranks No. 1 in the nation for foreign and domestic investment thanks to its low energy and operating cost, in addition to its friendly business environment and zero state income tax. Mexico is positioned as the only USMCA member country that has labor costs advantages, a huge base of skilled young workers and offers attractive tax incentive policies for export-oriented companies making Mexico a very competitive country for manufacturing investment. Also, Mexico guarantees access to international markets with its 12 free trade agreements covering 46 countries.

Alvaro Garcia- HR Director

Guest speakers range from experts on USMCA matters, strategy, operations, legal aspects, to professional experts on international tax. The week-long Summit will equip you with first hand and practical information regarding how to navigate the change under USMCA and plan for your manufacturing investment in the USA and Mexico.

The summit has received a great response from top executives of manufacturing companies, petrochemical and across varies industries – some companies already have operations in both USA and Mexico, and overwhelming support from consulates and business/industrial associations. Up to the press date, there are over 30 industrial companies confirmed attendance and a large delegation signed up for the Mexico business trip. Secure your spot soon, registration will be closed on December 6th

Prodensa Group

Xu Yu- Director Strategy & Business Development


Dedicated to providing management consulting and project start-up management for manufacturing investment in the United States and Mexico primarily with offices in China, Germany and the Czech Republic. With over 30 years of experience and a team nearly 700 employees, it has managed the launch operations of more than 600 manufacturing projects. Prodensa provides a full range of services including site strategy, start-up project management and operations management for companies from North America, Asia and Europe in the metal machinery, automotive, household appliances, oil and gas, aerospace and alternative energy industries.

Press speaker: Xu Yu

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