To a more sustainable business: Morning Coffee with John Elkington

For last week´s episode of Morning Coffee, Prodensa CEO Emilio Cadena crossed paths with John Elkington. Due to the current global crisis, he was able to connect with us from the United Kingdom for a call in which we discussed his insights into a more sustainable business. John Elkington is one of the top authorities […]

Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19

Prodensa Collaboration with the Aerocluster of Queretaro “It´s important that we come out of this not just okay, but reloaded and better than before.” -Emilio Cadena, CEO Prodensa The Prodensa team is working overtime to help clients understand how to traverse the rocky terrain. We are motivated by the opportunity to construct our “new normal” together, continually […]

Strategies for a Successful Project Management.

If you are looking for strategies for a successful project management, we can help you find a solution. Project managers must coordinate every project seeking for customer satisfaction but also, company’s profitability and positive company´s brand market positioning for a successful project management. Prodensa has supported more than 600 foreign manufacturing projects with successful strategies […]

2020: A Year for Redefining your Strategy

Over the past year there have been several changes in the manner of how businesses operate in Mexico. For instance, we have noticed modifications in fiscal, labor and trade compliance; the question is, have you built your strategy yet? Definitely, 2020 is the perfect year for redifining your strategy. Our experts Kurt Schmidt, Consulting Director […]

The art of creating an effective communication in your workplace.

Creating an effective communication in your workplace is key for a successfull business. But first of all, we need to understand what is effective communication. Here we will explain it to you, and how can you implement it in your workplace for better practices. What is effective communication? To begin with, effective communication is a […]

How to negotiate incentives in Mexico?

Government incentives: “The cherry on top of the cake”. If you are currently in the process of analyzing several locations for the establishment of a new operation of your company in Mexico, you should know there are government incentives available that can help you with the final decision. Therefore, the first question would be, how […]

3 Strategies to Remain Competitive in Global Trade Uncertainty

Uncertainty at a Cost It´s a fact. The uncertainty in the global trade market has already cost more than the actual tariffs themselves, and there is no real relief in sight. According to the US National Bureau of Economic Research, the total net effect of tariffs over 2018 increased the price of US manufacturing by 1% – comparative […]

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a topic that everyone is talking about. What is digital transformation? How can I introduce digital transformation in my company? How can I have an effective communication of digital transformation? We can solve some of these questions. Digital transformation can be defined as the integration of new technologies in all areas of a […]

China and Mexico: Successful Business Partners

Since the 1980’s China has based its economy on the exportation of goods and has become a major player in the global market through these exports. Felipe de Jesus Garcia is a Trade & Investment expert between Mexico and China, that provides an important insight for Mexican businesses to establish trade relations with China. In […]

Industry 4.0: Impacts on Trade, Labor and Productivity

  Keywords: Industry 4.0, Robots, Automation, Technology, Trade, Competition, Mindfacturing, Digital Transformation, Labor, Productivity, Mexico, Economy Global technological growth We are living in the era of machines, seeing an exponential growth in the technologies that impact our daily lives and increase productivity in the workplace. Industry 4.0, also known as ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, centralizes […]