Case study: A leading aerospace manufacturing company from the United States

The Client:

A leading aerospace manufacturing company from the United States

The Challenge:
In 2017, an aerospace company needed to improve their operational costs due to being part of an extremely competitive industrial field. At the same time, they had been having difficulties finding the right employee profile in the USA.
Our Solution:
Led by Sergio Vindiola, as their assigned Prodensa Project Manager, we decided to improve their manufacturing facilities by building a stand-alone plant in Mexico. We also aided in the recruitment of more than 40 new members of staff, with an HR projection of increasing that workforce to 120 employees. The right profile and the correct place for better profitability and a lift off in productivity.

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As close to perfection as possible

Founded in the 1950´s, this company wanted to be closer to its major client –for whom they wanted to provide battery cables and wiring harnesses for their tractor units. Now it was 2010 and a new generation of leaders needed a new location.

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A faster beginning under USMCA

Trade regulations were in flux while the USMCA was being finalized. It was during this period that our client realized that it was time to relocate its production to this continent to better serve its network of North American clients and have the possibility to close new deals.

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